eezing-deviceStudio E3 (SE3) offers premier smart consumer devices, evolving entertainment portals, and professional supply chain services. SE3 has become the total solution for content owners and distributors throughout the world, connecting digital content directly to viewers through the eezing family of smart devices.

Who Is SE3?

SE3 is an advanced digital media technology company, specializing in R&D for entertainment, communication and information technologies. Our team is comprised of veterans in software and hardware innovation, global content distributions experts, and a worldwide network of professionals in understanding the intricacies of different countries and cultures.

SE3 Offers a Total Solution

SE3 has designed and engineered a state‐of‐the‐art, centralized system. Our ecosystem integrates new methods of internal workflow management, digital archiving, a digital distribution platform, and a suite of applications and smart devices which offer consumers easy, user-friendly access to all our digital content (the eezing ecosystem).

Who Is It For?

Telecommunication companies, large retail chains, hospitality services and television/cable networks worldwide are seeking improved and more efficient digital content distribution and ecommerce platforms – especially Hollywood Studio-approved secure platforms. Most also require updates to their existing systems, if not entirely new platforms, to remain competitive and profitable.

The analog to digital transition is a paradigm shift within the industry. SE3’s technologies increase efficiencies and margins, while reducing costs inherent in the execution of this shift. SE3’s platform offers a mix of the best local, Hollywood and International blockbusters and classics. This enables SE3’s local partners to provide their customers with first-class entertainment – anywhere, anytime.


The SE3 ecosystem manages an endless amount of digital media content, giving consumers enormous choice of entertainment solutions. With so much content at hand, it is essential to simplify the consumer experience. That is what SE3’s smart portals and devices excel at doing, in a sophisticated and attractive, yet simple and user-friendly environment. SE3’s operating system is designed to be uniquely intuitive and responsive to consumers’ likes and dislikes, requiring fewer “clicks”, focusing on transacting and not choosing, thus increasing sales from all of the platform’s offerings.

Digital entertainment coupled with SE3’s platform and smart devices, provide our partners with a total solution which also ensures customer retention, analytics and traffic – no more selling third-party devices that send customers to digital competitors!

Smart Portal (The Platform)

Designed to enhance existing electronic devices, whether television sets, tablets, smartphones or computers, SE3’s eezing operating system allows our partners to manage and monetize content, sell advertising, provide online shopping, and receive real-time data not previously available. eezing supports multiple and simultaneous platform models (TVOD, AVOD, and SVOD) and apps, and can be completely customized and regionalized to our partners’ specific needs.

Smart Device

The eezing range of smart devices is a technologically advanced and high-performance series of products that connect consumers to retailers and distributors, through content ranging from digital media to online shopping and apps. eezing devices marry form and function in eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing centerpieces for home entertainment. Moreover, our eezing devices can be custom-designed based on our partners’ preferences and needs.

Children’s Portal

Children are a significant market with a huge demand for content, for which – as every parent knows – there is not yet sufficient availability. SE3’s on‐demand entertainment hub for children, parent-friendly and kid-safe, will offer a vast and diverse array of animated and live‐action programs curated and screened to ensure all content is age appropriate. Our portal will offer boys and girls worldwide the most diversified, imaginative and fun characters and content from around the world.


“The ‘library’ is one of the most valuable assets possessed by a studio. Assets are preserved so they can be exploited to create new media products for future markets. Making new revenue from old assets is a very profitable approach when it can be done without incurring undue new costs in adapting the old media.”

— Excerpt from The Science and Technology Council of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Content Conversion

SE3’s system addresses the demand for conversion of existing libraries into digital files; this demand has increased multifold, as content owners seek to monetize existing media libraries. Consumers increasingly view movies streamed on‐demand via their tablets and mobile devices, and each method requires different files. Inefficient processes limit the industry, whereas SE3’s approach streamlines it to provide quality content to global consumers.


All metadata related to each converted content is stored in SE3’s Archive System and can be continually augmented, from the time a title enters the system all the way to its retail distribution. Content owners and our portals partners will be able to track and manage their most valuable asset: content — from anywhere, anytime. As each completed title or asset is ingested into the system, it is hooked to an online distribution engine, which will archive the title in a mezzanine file ready for SE3’s distribution ecosystem.

Digital Distribution

SE3 has designed and integrated all the necessary software under a Centralized System. Converted content is managed and tracked under the SE3 ecosystem in various distribution formats as needed, including iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and more. Tracking includes such critical data as the sales price offered per territory, duration of contract licensing, and the revenues generated by the transactions.


Studio of the Future

SE3 designed and engineered the most advanced production facility in the digital media industry; integrating industry leading hardware, software, and orchestrated media technology. SE3’s centralized system allows producers direct distribution to consumers, via unique outlets with multiple channels.

The SE3 Operating System (SOS)

SE3 has combined best-in-class technologies across the entire chain of building a complete digital entertainment ecosystem. The entire front and back end of a consumer-facing digital entertainment store is complex: there are numerous applications to support, and the technical decisions can make or break the user experience. Content Management, User Data Management, Metadata Cleaning, Recommendation Services, Content Delivery, and Applications for a wide range of devices: each and every component has been carefully selected and built into SE3’s overall approach. The SE3 Operating System gives our partners a simple solution to monitor their businesses, focus on promoting a better experience for their users, and growing their revenues.

Content Management

We believe that ALL content has a place in the new digital world. SE3 has reduced the costs of bringing content to the digital marketplace and has also perfected the operating intelligence that serves content to the consumer, thus bettering the consumer experience. In a world where an estimated 19 billion network connections will be established by 2016, SE3 is the ideal go-to bridge between content owners and digital retailers and distributors.

Internal Digital Rights Management System (IDS)

SE3 has created an Internal Digital rights management System (IDS) which allows content owners to deliver their entertainment content to consumers worldwide, ensuring piracy protection and simplified, accurate accountability. SE3 provides the solution to the content owner, whether converting, archiving, distributing or managing content.


SE3’s development partner Humax, the world’s leading STB and smart device manufacturer, seamlessly delivers superior broadband and home networking experiences to over 90 countries worldwide; Humax has 16 overseas offices, with 10 manufacturing facilities located around the globe. The eezing smart device developed by SE3 and manufactured by Humax is an open ecosystem that can turn any HDMI-enabled TV into a fully functioning smart TV.



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